Push Newsletters & Product Updates

This hosted membership software gives you flexible and smooth control on client base at all with integrated email marketing features.

Manage your own e-mail lists

Create opt-in e-mail lists as customer will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe from.

E-Mail Throttling

Thanks to e-mail throttling feature, as bulk e-mail sending can work even on shared webhosting.

Select E-Mails to selected customers

Send e-mail to any group or set of members, for example, just email all customers from London who ordered Gold Subscription and did not ordered Platinum Add-On.

Setup Auto-Responders

With our hosted membership software, this is possible to configure the e-mails to be sent on 1-st, 2-nd, and 15th day of their subscription or after purchase.

hosted membership software
Expiration E-Mail Messages

It is possible to configure series of e-mails to be sent before/after subscription expiration.

Auto Embed Coupons

This plugin allow you to use special placeholders in any email template which will be replaced with coupon code. In our hosted membership software, this feature is available in Pro & higher plans.

Rest APIs

Rest API allows fetching and submitting information about users, products and payments. It is easy to extend and use, and we expect that list of interfaces will be extended soon.

Personal Content

This plugin allows you to deliver files to specific users. You can upload any file to any user profile via the admin interface and the user will see this file in his member area and will be able to download it.