It was never so easy to setup a hosted billing software.

Now distribute your software or script protected with license keys. You do not need to worry about unauthorized distributions of your software or scripts now.

Flexible access control

Setup access to be provided for customers, who purchased configured product/product categories. You may provide different content to the customers who ordered different subscriptions.

Drill-Down Content Access

From the subscription date, you may choose to open content to customers day by day. Customers will be kept interested and subscribed to your service.

HTML-login forms instead of popup login box

If plain HTML or the downloadable files are protected, a customized HTML login form will appear on login instead of the browser popup login box that appears in case of htpasswd protection.

Access Sharing Prevention

In case Trackurly subscription script handles content protection, this counts number of IPs used to access resources. If configured limit is crossed, user will be locked out, and incident will be reported to an administrator.

Protect Files

If you want to share a file with customers, so upload it to Trackurly admin control panel and setup access permissions as it takes less than 2 minute to sell your e-book software.

Create Pages

No need to setup a complex CMS to share several pages with any important information. Enter pages into Trackurly's built-in HTML editor simply and setup access permissions. The page will be displayed automatically to customers and will use Trackurly header and footer.

Restful Apis

Integrate Trackurly subscription script data with your own apps using powerful restful apis. Create unlimited api set with unlimited permission sets.