About us

Trackurly is an easy-to-use set of smart website applications and tools for website optimization. It lets a website owner quickly add membership features , implement customer login and signup data where you can store your users data and reuse it later to send newsletters or offers emails as autoresponder. At the same time we also provide several smart conversion website optimization tools like Realtime Livechat with Website Visitors, Exit intent popups and website visitors heatmap tracking and other smart tools that engage website visitors and help to increase conversions. With average visitors spending less than a minute on a website, it is important to make sure they see the most important content right away and encourage them to stay longer and engage more with the website. That’s what Trackurly is for.

Our team

Trackurly is owned and operated by Infogrity Softwares Private Limited, a company registered in Bangalore, India. There are less thank a dozen people in the Trackurly , but we are dedicated and experienced team of professionals. You could hardly find any other website selling this many products all in one place integrated for small businesses. We started working on the project in the beginning of 2015 and released the first version of Trackurly in September, 2015.

Who it is for

We have created Trackurly with website owners and marketers in mind. That’s why the setup does not require any coding skills, it is straightforward and very quick. There is a user-friendly dashboard that gives access to all the resources in a few clicks. And no designer skills are required to create professionally looking websites that will look amazingly stunning website like that of a giant enterprise company.

Infogrity Softwares Private Limited
204A, Mittal Towers, Bangalore, India

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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