Integration & Extension System

Customize and white-label your membership site to match your brand.

Plugins 1

Plugins are stand-alone tools that are built to work directly with Zenbership. Example of some available plugins include a member directory tool or a forum integration.
Payment gateway
Customer records
Cloud Sync

Custom Hooks

The program provides you with hundreds of possible triggers when custom hooks can be run. Hooks can be executable PHP code, custom emails, external API connections, and so much more.

Custom Forms

Generate multiple types of forms, including free registration forms, paid registration forms, contact forms, and informational request ("dependency") forms.

Custom Fields

Create as many custom fields as you require and assign them as needed to fieldsets which can be placed within the member, contact, account, of event databases.


Customizable themes for both your membership website and your emails allow you to customize the program to match your existing brand identity.

Language Tools

The program comes with a database of translatable messages and notices, allowing you to customize it to your needs.