Inbuilt Support Module - assist your customers easily

Give Reasons to Your Customer to Smile

Deliver exceptional customer service and let them find you the most trustful and reliable everytime.

Best Ticketing System

Make your system more productive with this inbuilt support system. Mark, assign and resolve tickets. Create a list of satisfied customers.

Powerful Automation

Categorize, prioritize and assign tickets, automatically. Keep track on your customer quries and resolve ASAP to give them a wonderful support experience.

Enable Customer Notifications

Trackurly allows you send a notification to your customers when the admin responds to a helpdesk ticket so that the customer knows that their problem is being addressed.

Email Notification Template

You can upload a template of your choice for the helpdesk notification sent to the customer when the admin responds to a helpdesk ticket.

Customize Helpdesk Page

You can display the text of your choice on the Helpdesk page. This could include contact information, helpdesk hours and helpdesk procedures.