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Configure Your Membership Program

Your Trackurly dashboard comes with an array of adjustable features to match the needs of your organization. To get started consider the following core configurations.

Online Presence

Leverage a Trackurly based public profile or connect an existing website to your membership options

Custom Fields

Collect member information that pertains to your organization.

Membership Types

Offer an array of membership options for prospective members. Vary the pricing, duration, messaging, and status of your membership menue.

Financial Configuration

Between local currency and tax adjustments, invoicing options, and member cancellations, set a financial policy that meets your needs

Multiple Admin Access

Don’t manage your organization alone! Invite other administrators to help manage your organization.

Tools to Run Your Organization

Once you’ve configured Trackurly to meet the needs of your membership program, leverage these tools to bring valuable efficiency to your organization.

Process Member Payments

Using our partner, Stripe, securely process payments for your members and check out their extensive suite of reporting and analytics to keep track of your finances.

Members Table

Search, sort, and filter through your members. We’ve included an array of useful criteria to apply that allows you to analyze your membership. It’s also easy to export a table to CSV too!

Members Timeline

Keep up to date with recent actions taken by members. Logged events span member payments, event attendance, email list additions, and more!

Targeted Member Emails

Send ad hoc emails to individuals or groups of members based on a set of criteria, like membership status.

Failed Payments Notification

Trackurly will automatically inform a member if a payment attempt failed, encouraging to try to make their membership purchase again.

Sync Email Lists

Keep your email marketing lists up to date in one of our popular email communication partners. Membership newsletters have never been easier..

Event Ticketing & Management

Through our integration with Eventbrite, automatically create promotion codes for your members and inform members of upcoming events.

Automated Renewal Reminders

Remind members of an upcoming expiration date, automatically. No more manual tracking and sending of these common emails.

Send Member Surveys

Want to know why a member did not renew? You can automatically send expired members a survey requesting feedback on how you can improve as an organization.

Portal for Your Members

Enable your members to easily join and stay up to date with your organization.

One Page Purchase

Joining your organization is easy and frictionless. The process to join is always straight forward, upfront, and contained within a single page.

Verify Email and Member Account

As members join your organization, they set up an account to manage their membership. They can view their status, update payment information, and more.

Cancellation Options

Organizations have the opportunity to set the cancellation options and policy. By default, members can cancel on their own but this can be configured to require to go through an admin.

Update Credit Card

For recurring payments, Trackurly will tokenize and save payment details (via our integration with Stripe) to re-bill the customer. Customers can easily update their card at any time.

Edit Information

Members can edit the information associated with their account to always keep everything up-to-date and accurate.

Portal for Your Members

Trackurly trying to juggle multiple solutions to accomplish one larger end goal: with Trackurly, we've combined all of the tools you'll need to run your membership-based business into a single platform.