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It allows allow you send millions of messages to right destination.

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Manage Your Own E-mail Lists

Create opt-in e-mail lists as customer will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe from.

Import CSV list

Import CSV list of members from third-party membership software or list software.

E-Mails to customers

Send e-mail to set of members, e.g: just email all customers start name with Carl.

Split test everything

See what’s working and what’s not with sophisticated response tracking and powerful split testing. Test different emails, landing pages, or complete follow up sequences to see what resonates with your market so you can use the best and ditch the rest.


With our hosted membership software, this is possible to configure the e-mails to be sent on 1-st, 2-nd, and 15th day of their subscription or after purchase.

Expiration E-Mail Messages

It is possible to configure series of e-mails to be sent before/after subscription expiration.

E-Mail Style

Send both regular Text-based as well as HTML Email with styling and images

  • Thanks to e-mail throttling feature, as bulk e-mail sending can work even on shared webhosting.
Industry-leading email delivery

Your message doesn’t matter if it ends up in the spam folder. Backed through our impeccable sender reputation and your emails delivered on time. Implement high-quality, automated list management systems to ensure your list stays clean, engaged, and responsive.


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Automated Follow Up

This is simple to follow up with each lead, customer, and partner inquiry via phone calls, email, SMS, direct mail postcards and more... all delivered by Trackurly automatically on the schedule you set.

Facebook Integration

Trackurly provides you skip webforms and let connect via Facebook . You can capture their email address, and more then follow up based on what you learn.

Event Management

Register people for your events online. Run webinars, teleseminars, or even live events and see who attended, who didn’t and then follow up with each group appropriately, all on autopilot.