Push Newsletters & Product Updates

This hosted membership software gives you flexible and smooth control on client base at all with integrated email marketing features.

Manage your own e-mail lists

Create opt-in e-mail lists as customer will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe from.

E-Mail Throttling

Thanks to e-mail throttling feature, as bulk e-mail sending can work even on shared webhosting.  

Select E-Mails to selected customers

Send e-mail to any group or set of members, for example, just email all customers from London who ordered Gold Subscription and did not ordered Platinum Add-On.

Setup Auto-Responders

With our hosted membership software, this is possible to configure the e-mails to be sent on 1-st, 2-nd, and 15th day of their subscription or after purchase.

hosted membership software
Expiration E-Mail Messages

It is possible to configure series of e-mails to be sent before/after subscription expiration.