Making Payouts

To pay affiliate commission, click Trackurly Affiliates -> Review/Pay Affiliate Commission You will see a list of already generated payouts.

Click link Generate Payout Manually, Trackurly will calculate affiliate commissions to current date, and save it to database. New “payout” record will appear in the list for every available payout method.

In the “Action” column you may click icons to review payout amounts for every affilaite, and another icon allows you to export payout file. For example, for PayPal payout method Trackurly will generate PayPal MassPay CSV file.

Once you have paid your affiliates, you need to register this fact in Trackurly. Click “view” icon near the payout. You will see payout breakdown by affiliate. Mark all records with checkboxes, and in bottom menu choose “Mark PAID”. Once it is done records will be marked as paid and Trackurly will not calculate these commissions in next payouts.

Fields in payout list:


      Date when payout has been generated

Thesehold Date 

      Trackurly will not calculate commissions after Thresehold date in this payout. Length of thresehold period can be changed at Trackurly Administration -> Settings -> Affiliate : Delay Payout (days). Another important setting is Minimum Payout – if an affilate earned less than this amount, his payout will not be generated too.

Payout Method 

    Method which affiliates choose to receive payouts

Total to Pay

    Total payout for this date and payout method

Total Paid 

     When payout is marked as “paid” this amount must become equal

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