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Coupon Codes

These codes adjust the price of a product to enhance marketing and sales efforts. Group Codes can be sent to an entire list, whereas Personal Codes are unique and sent to one particular person. Coupon Codes can be delivered via email, SMS, postcard or personal landing pages.

Automate collections and card updates

There’s nothing more annoying than chasing down clients whose credit cards decline or are about to expire. Let Trackurly automate that entire process for you, giving your clients a secure and branded online customer portal so they can update their payment information themselves.

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Recurring billing and payment plans

  • Charge once, on a recurring basis, or accept payment plans. Payment settings include free or paid trials, customizable shipping, delayed billing and tax options and more. And you could take payment over phone with manual orders.

Beautiful order forms

icon-128Build completely customizable, beautiful and secure order forms and place them on your own site, a Trackurly landing page, or have us host it for you instantly. Accept credit cards, paypal, or both.

Abandoned cart follow up

icon-128Trackurly will automate the follow up with anyone who tries to buy but, for whatever reason, fails. Often, a quick email or phone call to that hot prospect will result in a sale that would otherwise have been lost.

Easy one-click upsells

There’s no better time to get a second sale than immediately after the first one. Show your web buyers a special offer and they can add it to their just-completed purchase with a single click. String together a series of upsells to create sophisticated buying paths that maximize the value of each transaction.

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