Licensing integration in real app

It supports online activations for your applications.


To handle the production, our Trackurly is the best option for you, as Trackurly has its own inbuilt licensing engine to easily issuing of license keys. Now this is very simple to distribute your protected software or script with license keys. There is no need to worry about not permitted distributions of your software. Licensing is capability to assign license keys and serials to customer orders, also supports online activations for your applications and scripts. Our flexible API let on to build subscription-based software applications (including Android and IOS apps). We have created an example PHP script that guides how you can use licensing integration in real app.

Random license keys

Trackurly allows you to generate random license keys. With trackurly you will find a range of random keys that could be used for encryption keys, passwords etc.

Pre-defined list

Trackurly allows you to use license keys from pre-defined list. A predefined list contains some inbuilt fields to use, that makes trackurly more users friendly.

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  • You could create your own 'plugin' and describe your own algorithm of keys generation. In trackurly customer's full information is available. And order information is also available.

Many license keys

  • We are happy to allow you issue more than one license keys to serve you best purchase experience.