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Write if/then rules with ease

This isn’t some kind of confusing programming language. Business rules are created in seconds by selecting options from a drop-down menu. They can be as simple or sophisticated as you want to get. Our clients quickly wonder how they ever ran a business without these tools.

Trackurly watches everything

Trigger web page visits, link clicks, purchases, task outcomes, email opens and clicks and a whole lot more. Your rules could perform all types of actions like as sending an email, SMS message, direct-mail postcard, scheduling a rep to make a phone call or just about anything else you can dream up.

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Put your business on autopilot

  • At the heart of Trackurly is the powerful if/then rule system that connects and automates it all. Easily create sophisticated rules to automate everything from lead follow-up and order fulfilment to task management and even internal business processes.