Trackurly Affiliates to Promote Your Products


We are proud to announce that we have inbuilt affiliate system for best results of your sales! Everyone could setup affiliate offers for their products, it’s simple to use and serves powerful result also helps to promote products.

Affiliates have power to increase e-commerce sales and also play a huge role in increasing earnings and visibility for your products. Trackuly gives you a very easy to use tool as for attracting to these influencers and turning your customers into just product ambassadors.

How does it work?

Firstly you need add product on Trackuly, assuming you already have you could setup an affiliate offer by going to “Affiliates”. To setup an affiliate you need to specify  some additional details for your affiliates.

You could also specify as where to redirect all traffic coming from your affiliate links. Enter URL of your product website and all traffic trough affiliate links will flow directly there. If you don’t have your own site yet, you can use Trackurly checkout page as well.

How affiliates are getting paid?

If affiliate signs up and starts to promote your products, be relax about your results and sales. After end of each month you can see full report of your affiliate sales. By this report you could pay your affiliates via PayPal.

Turn your customers into affiliates.

Previously you have an option to give discount for promoting your products by Facebook and Twitter. You can also give a commission from each deal your customers helped to make. With performance based rewards you can attract more powerful influencers and turn one-time sales into long-term relationships!