Comprehensive support solutions and customer service.


Providing good service and aligning support operations with your business can be a difficult challenge, especially without the provision of an effective and automated process that meets the changing and complex needs.

A critical factor in the success of the help desk is to encourage your users or customers adopt this new way of working. If you are accustomed to call or stand in the halls or the cafeteria, then it will take time and perseverance these habits change them. Gradually you will see the benefits and improved quality of service will help to continue communicating by the help desk.

Here are some tips to convince your users to use the help desk:

1. Send an email inviting users to use the help desk. Do you see quite often if it costs them? When a user reports a problem you in the hallway, open a ticket in the incidence and send email from the help desk system with a description of the problem and the consecutive, and links to the help desk portal to follow up their progress. Informs users that the incidences that register through the portal of the help desk will be resolved with a higher priority.

2. Get the support and approval of management and department heads. Management support to the help desk, you must convey the IT department be more productive and be able to offer a higher quality service to users and customers. Specifically it will result in reduced downtime and more control over the issues such incidents occur. If the department heads use the help desk is also more likely to encourage their subordinates to do.

3. Configure the Help Desk for the user to have an acknowledgment of your email immediately. To reduce the volume of incoming calls and control priorities, help desk incidents should receive via email and / or intranet. Most users will be satisfied if a problem arises when you send an email and receive immediate confirmation that its incidence has been received and is working on his problem.

4. Promote your help desk. Launching the help desk, you need to sell the idea to use both your team and your users or customers. Apart from sending several emails announcing this new way of working, you can hang posters with the URL of the website and electronic mail where to go. You can even make a briefing where we explain how this new system will benefit them, how they can open a ticket, explain where you can find resources or leave your “feedback”. Communicate your enthusiasm in this project emphasizing the advantages for them and your goal of offering better service to their collaboration.

5. Identifies the most expert users in every department. Each department has its own initiative about users who are willing to help because they are technically stronger or like computing. A good practice is to give them some training, for example, if a new software application is installed. Thus when a problem arises, they will be able to solve problems without the need to intervene help desk.

6. Customize the signing of the help desk. Upgrade the final signing of the emails that are sent to users to resolve incidents it appears. One idea is to put the URL of the portal help desk with a description of what they can find, for example, “Company” IT Help desk – Technical support, FAQs and news.

Trackurly Help Desk allows you to dramatically improve the level of service to its customers, reduce returns and complaints, optimize costs and support business metrics available to help you make vital decisions with full knowledge of the facts. Formalizes and automates the conversation with users, provides modules to automate internal processes and can handle a knowledge base to reduce response times and standardize the quality of it.

We are based entirely on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Office and other integrated solution as standard with a familiar user interface and very easy to use technology. The solution allows you to control and manage the process calls of support from first contact to final resolution, providing consistent and effective responses that will ensure total customer satisfaction.