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Trackurly offers an Affiliate program where users can receive affiliate commission.

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Commission Notification Emails

Trackurly allows you to send emails to the affiliate and the admin whenever an affiliate makes a sale and is eligible for commission. You can choose if you want to send these emails and who to send them. You can also view and edit the email template

Affiliate Commission Rules

For each item in purchase, Trackurly Membership software will look through all rules, from top to bottom. If it finds a matching multiplier, it will be remembered. If it finds a matching custom rule, it takes commission rates from it.

Payout Reports
  • Trackurly generate payout reports automatically according your settings. Please note user without defined valid payout method will not be included to this payout report. They should define it first in his member area.
Lifetime Commissions

Once a member is referred by an affiliate, affiliate gets paid (optionally, if that's what you want) commissions on all future products purchased by member. Proudly tell your affiliates that they will never get screwed out of a single referral payment! Your affiliates are going to promote your product even more passionately.

Anonymous Affiliate Tracking

Any time if buyer ends up paying offline then at that time buyer will be referred by affiliate to your site. After you enter the manual order, the cookie that is still on the buyer's computer then triggers the correct affiliate credit the next time they log in to your membership site.

Edit Commission Email Templates

You can upload a template of your choice for the notification sent to affiliates and the admin. If no template is specified, the default template is used for these emails. You can upload a custom template or edit the default template according to your requirements.

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